Plant genomics on a changing planet

We study the mutational origins of genetic variation in plants at the intersection of evolutionary theory, functional population genomics, and molecular biology.

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February 2022

Welcome, Chaehee Lee, a Postdoctoral Researcher who is joining our lab!

January 2022

Paper "Mutation bias reflects natural selection in Arabidopsis thaliana" published in Nature! Here we find evidence that Arabidopsis has a significant reduction in mutation rate in functionally conserved regions of the genome, and evidence that this is mediated by the epigenome. Accompanied by a nice News & Views by Jianzhi Zhang. 


To help understand where this work relates to documented ideas about mutation, we've written a short document On Mutational Randomness, a survey of the view that mutations are random with respect to consequences. 

Paper Featured on:

NPR Science Friday

Nature Podcast

The Scientist

November 2021

Welcome, Daniela Quiroz, PhD candidate in Integrative Genetics and Genomics who is joining our lab!


September 2021

Welcome to rotating PhD students Matt Davis from Plant Biology and Forrest Li from Integrative Genetics and Genomics!

Paper "Diversity in nonlinear responses to soil moisture shapes evolutionary constraints in Brachypodium" published! Here we combined function-valued trait approaches with quantitative genetic estimates of evolutionary constraint to ask "how do evolutionary constraints change as a function of water availability?"

Book review of "Evolutionary Genetics: Concepts, Analysis, and Practice by Glenn-Peter Sætre and Mark Ravinet" now online. tldr; its a great book! 

August 2021

Congrats to Kehan for passing his Qualifying Exam!

July 2021

New Postdoc position open: Postdoctoral Researcher in Pan-Genomics

June 2021

Mariele, Kehan, and Grey present recent research at Evolution 2021.

Welcome to undergraduate research assistant Sydney Wren!


May 2021

Welcome to undergraduate intern Camyrn Morey!


Congrats to Kehan and Mariele for Plant Sciences Graduate Student Researcher Fellowship awards!


April 2021

Welcome to undergraduate student Andrea Moron-Solano!

Our international team is awarded HiFi sequencing grant by PacBio to study climate adaptation in Pistachio. Blog post here.

March 2021

Welcome to Kehan Zhao, Plant Biology Ph.D. student who will be investigating the evolutionary significance of natural loss-of-function mutations during climate adaptation!

Mariele (co-advised with Dan Kliebenstein) and Elton (co-advised with Christine Diepenbrock) officially join our lab!

Grey and co-author Pádraic Flood ​interviewed by Heredity Podcast about our recent paper

February 2021

Our paper on the genomics of adaptive loss of function is published!


We are recruiting for multiple funded positionsProspective postdocs interested in plant genomics are encouraged to get in touch!

Welcome to rotating Integrative Genetics and Genomics student Mariele Lensink who will be examining the evolutionary consequences of transcription-related mutation!

January 2021


Our preprint on Brachypodium responses to soil moisture gradient earns a recommendation from PCI Evolutionary Biology's Benoit Pujol:


Welcome to research intern Ian Anderson, volunteering in the lab remotely to study mutation bias!

Welcome to visiting scholar Lea Berg, developing bioinformatic pipelines to investigate functional genomic variation crop wild relatives!

Welcome to Elton Kane, a rotating student from the Plant Biology Graduate Group working on developing robot-powered high throughput genotyping methods!

Welcome to Alissza Ali, an undergraduate student looking at phenotypic variation in natural populations adapted across diverse climate gradients!


October 2020


Welcome to Harrison Yu, an undergraduate student working on computational approaches to studying mutation bias across the tree of life!

Paper on the role of beneficial knockout mutations in crop evolution published!

Our event Catalyzing Adaptive and Resilient Food Systems sponsored by the UC Davis World Food Center and Air Quality Research Center, organized through the Climate Adaptation Research Center was a huge success - over 300 people tuned in from around the world to hear from industry leaders, policymakers, and researchers about developing sustainable agricultural systems in the face of climate change. Looking forward to more events to come. Most of the talks are recorded and can be found on the event page.

July 2020

Collaboration with Erin Baggs, Ksenia Krasileva, et al. published in Plant Cell "Convergent loss of an EDS1/PAD4 signaling pathway in several plant lineages reveals coevolved components of plant immunity and drought response"


Our recent preprint on mutation bias in Arabidopsis thaliana gets featured by Facundo Romani at PreLights and Caroline Dowling at Plantae! 

Monroe (The Genomics of Climate Adaptation) Lab officially opens its doors at UC Davis! 


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